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Linux is an increasingly popular OS with many turning to Linux for three reasons: because it’s free, stable, and more secure. In fact, tech advisor Niel Harper explains that Linux operates many things currently on the market, from cloud services like AWS and Azure to home internet routers. E-voting systems, control systems, and supercomputers are also almost always Linux-based. The types of software on the platform also promote these three characteristics, and there are no better examples than the ones used by designers.

Whether you create 2D art or 3D models, here are some of the best design software on Linux.

Krita for graphic designers

Have you heard of the KOffice suite? It’s a good source of open-source graphic design tools created by KDE — an international development team working with Linux. Krita is its painting app with features very similar to GIMP and Adobe Photoshop. Additionally, Krita has an OpenGL accelerated canvas. It’s a type of programming that helps the software more accurately display colors. Krita also has unique specialized tools like its brush stabilizer, brush engines, and render animation. Overall, it’s a great Linux alternative for professionals.

QCAD for manufacturers and architects

QCAD is a type of 2D computer-aided manufacturing process used to create more technical drawings like mechanical parts, building plans, and interior layouts. But in contrast to this software’s complex use, QCAD’s interface itself is very simple. Tools are sorted into separate categories — each with different property editors attached to them. There’s even a separate window for layers for easy switching. Unfortunately, QCAD is one of few Linux programs that isn’t free, although you will only have to pay $39.92 (around Rp 570,000) one-time payment to get access.

Upverter for electronic designers

Electronic components, specifically their printed circuit board (PCB), are designed using specialized software. And for Linux, electronic designers won’t find a better alternative than Upverter. Upverter is a specialized Linux PCB design software that lets electronics engineers assemble circuit boards extremely quickly. It’s equipped with both CAD and MCAD integrations, so the user doesn’t have to transfer files between platforms if they need to make any changes. Plus, with Upverter, which is hosted on the cloud, teams can work together on projects in real-time.

Blender for 3D artists

Blender is arguably the most popular Linux 3D modeling app available. The team behind SpiderMan 2 even used it to create animatics and pre-visualized assets. Blender was originally an internal production tool for NeoGeo — a Dutch animation company. The lead developer, Ton Roosendaal, decided to make it public to provide small animation studios with state-of-the-art 3D design tools at no cost. True enough, Blender includes everything a professional 3D artist needs, from animation options and rending to simulators and positional audio customization.

No matter what kind of design software you use, there will always be a great option on Linux. Also, since the open-source programs are backed by talented support teams, the updates are frequent and help is always on-hand.

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