My name is Ahmad Imanudin, Male, Live in Bekasi West Java Indonesia. Actually i have blog in Bahasa Indonesia in URL imanudin.com and imanudin.net will become blog in English. I know, my English is bad and not suitable with grammar. I also use Google Translate for translated.

But i am not too really care about how people will judge me. Because as far as i know, language is tools for communication. If i understand what you mean and you understand what i mean, problem solved. You understand, me understand. However, iΒ still learn and improve my English language skills. Keep spirit and keep learning.


  1. very interesting . first time . i see your blog .. good job…

    also i am starting with zimbra so it will be helpfull your tips

  2. Hi, Really good and informative site, lots of tutorials about zimbra, glad i stumbled across your site, thank you for your hard work

  3. Hi kang Ahmad, whats your contact? I need your security-audit and tuning performance for my zimbra server. Thanks b4.

  4. Dear brother, pl make a tutorial that how to change login page, logo etc in zimbra open source

  5. hi iman..
    how to roolback configuration zmprov mcf zimbraMtaSmtpdSenderRestrictions to default..??

  6. Hi iman

    All Your zimbra related manuals are very useful. Could you please share me the how to configure roundcube webclient on behalf of zimbra.
    Thanks in advance

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