How to Create Admin Delegation in Zimbra OSE

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In this article, I will show you how to create another admin in Zimbra OSE with restricted access. New admins will have features to create, delete, modify accounts, distribution lists, and aliases.

1. Create a user from Zimbra Admin or via CLI that will be admin. Or you can change the existing user become an admin

2. Create a script

vi /srv/

Please fill with the following line


# $1 for account
# $2 for domain
# run script ./

zmprov ma $1 zimbraIsDelegatedAdminAccount TRUE zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents accountListView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents downloadsView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents DLListView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents aliasListView zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents resourceListView

zmprov grr global usr $1 adminLoginCalendarResourceAs
zmprov grr global usr $1 domainAdminZimletRights
zmprov grr domain $2 usr $1 domainAdminRights
zmprov grr domain $2 usr $1 domainAdminConsoleRights
zmprov grr domain $2 usr $1 adminConsoleAliasRights
zmprov grr domain $2 usr $1 modifyAccount
zmprov grr domain $2 usr $1 countAlias
zmprov grr domain $2 usr $1 -configureAdminUI
zmprov grr domain $2 usr $1 -get.account.zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents
zmprov grr domain $2 usr $1 -get.dl.zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents
zmprov grr domain $2 usr $1 -set.account.zimbraIsDelegatedAdminAccount
zmprov grr domain $2 usr $1 -set.dl.zimbraIsAdminGroup

Give execution access

chmod +x /srv/

3. Change normal user to admin

su - zimbra

Now you can login to Zimbra Admin with a new admin account. Below is a screenshot when login with a new admin

Good luck 🙂

Source: Zimbra Wiki


  1. When trying to create an account, the following error occurs: “Message: permission denied: need right: assignCos for cos bla bla bla”
    OBs: zimbra 8.8.15 FOSS

    To avoid this error, the delegated user must be able to assign the COS
    then the following must be executed manually or tune in the script:
    $ zmprov grr cos [COS name] usr [delegated-user@domain] +assignCos

  2. hi there is it possible to create an admin account but that account cannot create emails or delete them?

    Thank you

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