Zimbra Tips : Delegated Admin Can Only Change Passwords

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If you have several admins and want to give access can only change passwords to specific admin, please try this guidance

Create the script

touch /srv/admin-pass.sh
chmod +x /srv/admin-pass.sh
vi /srv/admin-pass.sh

Fill with the following line

# $1 domain
# $2 email

zmprov ma $2 zimbraIsDelegatedAdminAccount TRUE
zmprov ma $2 zimbraAdminConsoleUIComponents accountListView
zmprov grantRight domain $1 usr $2 +listAccount
zmprov grantRight domain $1 usr $2 +listDomain
zmprov grantRight domain $1 usr $2 +setAccountPassword
zmprov grantRight domain $1 usr $2 +getAccountInfo

Save and try the script

/srv/admin-pass.sh imanudin.net user1@imanudin.net

Login to Zimbra Admin with user1@imanudin.net. You can see a list of account and when double click or edit, you can only change the password

Good luck πŸ™‚


  1. Very good work, congratulations. You have some knowledge of how to restrict the delegate’s right to see the user’s email

  2. Hi,

    If I am using 2 domains in Zimbra, I want to access 1 domain with 1 administrator ID and another domain will access by another administrator ID. But these two admin IDs have no access to each other domain.

  3. Hello Iman,

    I was able to sucessfully create Delegated Admin Can Only Change Passwords. But the option change the password at next login doesn’t work. Can you please help me.

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