How To Merge PDF File on Mac

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Usually, i am write a documentation using LibreOffice and convert them to PDF. Sometimes, i should merge 2 or more PDF file become one file. For example, i’ve done make a guidance about install and configure Zimbra using LibreOffice. Convert the guidance to PDF file and not include cover. The cover file follow in the next PDF file. After that, i am doing merge the PDF file become one file.

On Linux i use (openSUSE and ElementaryOS), i am use PDFTK to merge them become one file. But when using MacBook, i can merge them use Preview default application on Mac. The following is example when merge 2 pdf file

preview thumbnails

Please make sure use Thumbnails mode so that like below

pdf merge flow

Open 2 or more PDF file and perform drag and drop like picture above. Save or close PDF. The following is result after merge 2 PDF file

merge pdf file done

Good luck and hopefully useful 😀

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