How To Move/Migrate User Profile on Windows

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When user perform join domain, the new profile will created. User should re-configuration such as configure email, shortcut on Desktop and etc. If you do not want to re-configure again, you can move/migrate current user profile to your new domain account. You can use User Profile Wizard (Profwiz) to help migrate/move current user profile. You can download and execute the tools from this link : The following is example when using Profwiz to migrate/move current user profile to new domain account.


EXCELLENT-EED580\excellent is my current profile before join domain and i will use it again to my domain account


IMANUDIN is my domain use Samba 4 🙂 and ahmad is my account on Samba 4 Active Directory


Migrate/move profile completed and ready to use

Good luck and hopefully useful 😀

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