Solved : Cannot Access Webmail Zimbra 8.8 from IP Address

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Few days ago, i am migrating Zimbra 8.6 running on SLES into Zimbra 8.8 running on CentOS 7 at my client. All installation have been finished. I am try to access Webmail Zimbra 8.8 that running on CentOS 7. But, the webmail can not be accessed by IP address. However, webmail can be accecssed by name like, and etc.

For solved the problem, perform the following command as Zimbra user

zmprov md zimbraVirtualHostname zimbraVirtualIPAddress
zmproxyctl restart

Note : is virtual hostname and IP Address is IP from Zimbra Proxy Server

Finally, i can access webmail by IP Address

Good luck and hopefully useful 🙂

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  1. Hi Imanudin, good tip, but do you realize that 8.8 still is a Release Candidate not ready for deployment in production servers.?

    At least at the time of this writing.


    1. Hi Ccelis5215,

      Yes you right. When i am download binary from, i am not found notice about RC and production ready 😀
      However, today i am check again on appear notice about that :D.

      Thanks for your notice and warn

  2. hi Iman,
    How can I fix a blank page when accessing zimbra web console?
    I can access it but no content on webpage.


    1. Hi Daba,
      How if you access from another browser? please try some fix below :
      – clear cache on your browser
      – clear cache on your server with performing below command

      su - zimbra
      zmprov fc -a all
      1. Sir my issue is vice versa to this as i can access it via virtual ip address but can’t access via hostname.
        thank you

        1. Hi Tekatie,
          Please make sure you have been configured name resolve into IP on your DNS. Or you can try to input in your /etc/hosts

          1. thanks Iman
            works well.
            but came across with another problem as i cant access the zimbra admin web

            nothing shows up
            could you please your advice on this

            thank you

          2. Hello Tekatie,
            You can check log on /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log and /opt/zimbra/log/zmmailboxd.out to see the problem. Ensure 7071 is listen on your server

    1. Hi Iman,
      2020-02-05 00:00:07,399 INFO [qtp509886383-5461: [name=zimbra;ip=;ua=zmprov/8.6.0_GA_1153;] soap – AuthRequest elapsed=6
      2020-02-05 00:00:11,113 INFO [qtp509886383-5462: [name=zimbra;ip=;ua=zmprov/8.6.0_GA_1153;] soap – GetAllServersRequest elapsed=2
      2020-02-05 00:00:16,388 INFO [MailboxPurge] [;mid=99;] purge – Purging messages.
      2020-02-05 00:01:16,440 INFO [MailboxPurge] [;mid=100;] purge – Purging messages.
      2020-02-05 00:02:16,487 INFO [MailboxPurge] [;mid=101;] purge – Purging messages.
      2020-02-05 00:03:16,588 INFO [MailboxPurge] [;mid=102;] purge – Purging messages.
      2020-02-05 00:04:16,638 INFO [MailboxPurge] [;mid=103;] purge – Purging messages.
      2020-02-05 00:05:16,681 INFO [MailboxPurge] [;mid=104;] purge – Purging messages.
      2020-02-05 00:06:02,904 INFO [LmtpServer-45] [ip=;] lmtp – Delivering message: size=3733 bytes, nrcpts=1,, msgid=

      that the error appeared for vi /opt/zimbra/log/mailbox.log else
      [root@mail ~]# vi /opt/zimbra/log/zm
      zmconfigd-audit.log zmmailboxd.out.202001300000
      zmconfigd-log4j.log zmmailboxd.out.202001310000 zmmailboxd.out.202002020000
      zmlogprocess.state zmmailboxd.out.202002030000
      zmlogswatch.out zmmailboxd.out.202002040000
      zmlogswatch.out-20200201.gz zmmailboxd.out.202002050000
      zmlogswatch.out-20200203.gz zmswatch.out
      zmlogswatch.out-20200204.gz zmswatch.out-20200201.gz
      zmlogswatch.out-20200205.gz zmswatch.out-20200202.gz zmswatch.out-20200203.gz zmswatch.out-20200204.gz
      zmmailboxd.out zmswatch.out-20200205.gz
      [root@mail ~]# vi /opt/zimbra/log/zmmailboxd.out


  3. Hi Imam,
    Zimbra Mail server is opening by both domain name and IP address. But unable to open in network connected PCs.
    ZImbra Svr is installed in VMWare Machine and accessed by the client PCs on network. Suggest me soon please. Mail Svr is now down in my company, due to which I am receiving alerts on regular basis.
    Waiting for your initiation

    1. Hello,
      Please try this checklist :
      – Check Zimbra services (su – zimbra -c ‘zmcontrol status’)
      – Please try access Zimbra using peer to peer connection (cross cable)

      If all services are running and you can access your Zimbra from P2P, please check your network connection from client to Zimbra server

  4. Hi Ahmad Imanudin,,
    Last few days I didn’t access Zimbra admin Console. other service are working smoothly.please help me .
    2019-10-16 23:05:37,773 INFO [qtp1286783232-1177:https:https://localhost:7071/service/admin/soap/GetDomainInfoRequest%5D [ua=ZCS/8.8.10_GA_3758;soapId=5081178;] soap – GetDomainInfoRequest elapsed=0
    2019-10-16 23:05:58,196 INFO [qtp1286783232-1174:https:https://localhost:7071/service/admin/soap/GetDomainInfoRequest%5D [ua=ZCS/8.8.10_GA_3758;soapId=5081179;] soap – GetDomainInfoRequest elapsed=0

  5. hy iman, how to access zimbra webmail client from internet?
    i have forwarding port 80,443,143,456,587,993,995,4334,5222,5223,9071,9443,7071,8080. and this look oke because accessing webadmin console :7071 is no problem from internet.
    but i stiil cannot access web mail client http/https direct IP or domain from internet side.

    1. Hello Lembide,
      If you can access Zimbra from local but did not access it from the Internet, the problem is on your router/gateway that performs forwarding. Or you can try to give Zimbra IP pub directly. If you have using IP pub directly on your Zimbra and still problem access from the Internet, maybe you can check the firewall on your server

      1. thank for your time…
        I have ip public on the server.
        ss –listening –tcp –numeric
        LISTEN 0 50 *:443 *:*
        netstat -telpn | grep 443
        tcp 0 0* LISTEN 0 41205 5648/java
        netstat -telpn | grep 443
        tcp 0 0* LISTEN
        iptables -vnL
        2 104 ACCEPT tcp — * * tcp dpt:22 ctstate NEW,UNTRACKED
        0 0 ACCEPT tcp — * * tcp dpt:25 ctstate NEW,UNTRACKED
        121 7240 ACCEPT tcp — * * tcp dpt:80 ctstate NEW,UNTRACKED
        1 44 ACCEPT tcp — * * tcp dpt:110 ctstate NEW,UNTRACKED
        1 44 ACCEPT tcp — * * tcp dpt:143 ctstate NEW,UNTRACKED
        0 0 ACCEPT tcp — * * tcp dpt:443 ctstate NEW,UNTRACKED
        7 404 ACCEPT tcp — * * tcp dpt:465 ctstate NEW,UNTRACKED
        7 404 ACCEPT tcp — * * tcp dpt:587 ctstate NEW,UNTRACKED
        1 44 ACCEPT tcp — * * tcp dpt:993 ctstate NEW,UNTRACKED
        1 44 ACCEPT tcp — * * tcp dpt:995 ctstate NEW,UNTRACKED
        0 0 ACCEPT tcp — * * tcp dpt:3443 ctstate NEW,UNTRACKED
        40 2384 ACCEPT tcp — * * tcp dpt:5222 ctstate NEW,UNTRACKED
        0 0 ACCEPT tcp — * * tcp dpt:5223 ctstate NEW,UNTRACKED
        3 128 ACCEPT tcp — * * tcp dpt:8080 ctstate NEW,UNTRACKED
        2 88 ACCEPT tcp — * * tcp dpt:4443 ctstate NEW,UNTRACKED
        1 44 ACCEPT tcp — * * tcp dpt:9071 ctstate NEW,UNTRACKED
        1 44 ACCEPT tcp — * * tcp dpt:8443 ctstate NEW,UNTRACKED
        13 780 ACCEPT tcp — * * tcp dpt:7071 ctstate NEW,UNTRACKED
        2 104 ACCEPT tcp — * * tcp dpt:53 ctstate NEW,UNTRACKED
        0 0 ACCEPT udp — * * udp dpt:53 ctstate NEW,UNTRACKED
        nmap -sV myippublic -vv

        Not shown: 986 filtered ports
        Reason: 974 no-responses, 11 host-prohibiteds and 1 admin-prohibited
        22/tcp open ssh syn-ack ttl 50 OpenSSH 7.4 (protocol 2.0)
        53/tcp open domain syn-ack ttl 50 ISC BIND 9.11.4-P2 (RedHat Enterprise Linux 7)
        80/tcp open nagios-nsca syn-ack ttl 250 Nagios NSCA
        110/tcp closed pop3 reset ttl 50
        143/tcp closed imap reset ttl 50
        465/tcp open ssl/smtp syn-ack ttl 50 Postfix smtpd
        587/tcp open smtp syn-ack ttl 50 Postfix smtpd
        993/tcp closed imaps reset ttl 50
        995/tcp closed pop3s reset ttl 50
        4443/tcp closed pharos reset ttl 50
        5222/tcp open xmpp-client? syn-ack ttl 50
        8080/tcp closed http-proxy reset ttl 50
        8443/tcp closed https-alt reset ttl 50
        9071/tcp closed unknown reset ttl 50
        Service Info: Host:; OS: Linux; CPE: cpe:/o:redhat:enterprise_linux:7
        so confused
        ISP blocked incoming 443 port?
        please correct me & thanx

        1. NB: at January 13, 2020 at 3:30 am mynetwork:
          INTERNET——–| (ip pub)MIKROTIK—–|MAIL SERVER.
          today January 15, 2020 at 12:41 pm mynetwork:
          INTERNET——-|(ip pub)MAIL-SERVER

        2. Hello,
          For easy trace the problem, you can try to disable/stop iptables/firewalld services. If the problem still exists, you can ask to your ISP why its happen

  6. Hi Iman. Tq for your time. There are some of the user have blank page when accessing their account. The rest of the user have no problem at all.I’ve clear the cache but problem still occured.Do you have any recommendation.User using zimbra basic 8.7

  7. hi imanudin,
    your blogs help me a lot. How can i set my zimbra webmail is only accessible by its domain name? thanks for your time

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