Solved : Cannot Access Webmail Zimbra 8.8 from IP Address

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Few days ago, i am migrating Zimbra 8.6 running on SLES into Zimbra 8.8 running on CentOS 7 at my client. All installation have been finished. I am try to access Webmail Zimbra 8.8 that running on CentOS 7. But, the webmail can not be accessed by IP address. However, webmail can be accecssed by name like, and etc.

For solved the problem, perform the following command as Zimbra user

zmprov md zimbraVirtualHostname zimbraVirtualIPAddress
zmproxyctl restart

Note : is virtual hostname and IP Address is IP from Zimbra Proxy Server

Finally, i can access webmail by IP Address

Good luck and hopefully useful 🙂

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  1. Hi Imanudin, good tip, but do you realize that 8.8 still is a Release Candidate not ready for deployment in production servers.?

    At least at the time of this writing.


    1. Hi Ccelis5215,

      Yes you right. When i am download binary from, i am not found notice about RC and production ready 😀
      However, today i am check again on appear notice about that :D.

      Thanks for your notice and warn

  2. hi Iman,
    How can I fix a blank page when accessing zimbra web console?
    I can access it but no content on webpage.


    1. Hi Daba,
      How if you access from another browser? please try some fix below :
      – clear cache on your browser
      – clear cache on your server with performing below command

      su - zimbra
      zmprov fc -a all
      1. Sir my issue is vice versa to this as i can access it via virtual ip address but can’t access via hostname.
        thank you

        1. Hi Tekatie,
          Please make sure you have been configured name resolve into IP on your DNS. Or you can try to input in your /etc/hosts

  3. Hi Imam,
    Zimbra Mail server is opening by both domain name and IP address. But unable to open in network connected PCs.
    ZImbra Svr is installed in VMWare Machine and accessed by the client PCs on network. Suggest me soon please. Mail Svr is now down in my company, due to which I am receiving alerts on regular basis.
    Waiting for your initiation

    1. Hello,
      Please try this checklist :
      – Check Zimbra services (su – zimbra -c ‘zmcontrol status’)
      – Please try access Zimbra using peer to peer connection (cross cable)

      If all services are running and you can access your Zimbra from P2P, please check your network connection from client to Zimbra server

  4. Hi Ahmad Imanudin,,
    Last few days I didn’t access Zimbra admin Console. other service are working smoothly.please help me .
    2019-10-16 23:05:37,773 INFO [qtp1286783232-1177:https:https://localhost:7071/service/admin/soap/GetDomainInfoRequest%5D [ua=ZCS/8.8.10_GA_3758;soapId=5081178;] soap – GetDomainInfoRequest elapsed=0
    2019-10-16 23:05:58,196 INFO [qtp1286783232-1174:https:https://localhost:7071/service/admin/soap/GetDomainInfoRequest%5D [ua=ZCS/8.8.10_GA_3758;soapId=5081179;] soap – GetDomainInfoRequest elapsed=0

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