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When using password policy on Zimbra like minimum password age and maximum password age, user will not get notification when their password expire. I want users get notification when their password come near to expired. I am looking for that feature and finally get the script who can do that. The script can be found from Wuxmedia github at this link :

I am using these script with some modification for adjust with my Zimbra environment

# Download script

cd /srv/
wget -c
chmod +x

Note : The script have policy 90 days password expired. Please change and adjust with your environment.

The following is example when users get password policy and come near to expired password

Good luck and hopefully useful 😉

6 thoughts on - Script Notify Expired Password on Zimbra

  • Hello,

    Thanks you for sharing,
    I’ve a doubt, how can I exec that script? (Correct way to do that).

    Would be like this “./ &” to keep in background running, because when I run using sudo script run ok, but my terminal session get stuck and whether I use crtl+c to get out terminal session script also will be closed.

    Thanks a lot!


    • Hi Luiz,

      You can use screen before execute the script


      If your terminal get stuck, you can re-ssh and view background process by type screen -x

  • Hi Iman,
    Thanks you for answering!
    I’ve tried to do that unsuccessful, when I try to run this script, take too much longer, and I don’t know way the zimbra’s sevices begin to restart like a loop, just normalize when stop it, I’ve been testing with zimbra 8.7.0.

  • This script will give us the details for only internal ladap ?
    How to get external ldap authuntication users password expiry using the script