How to Access Zextras Carbonio Community Edition (CE) from Email Client

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This article will explain step by step how to access your Zextras Carbonio CE from an email client. In this article I used Thunderbird as the email client. You can adjust with other email clients such as emclient, Microsoft outlook, etc.

1. Open Thunderbird
2. Select “File” menu. Then select “New” and choose “Existing Mail Account”.

3. Enter “Full Name”, “Email address”, and “Password”

4. Select “Configure manually” option
5. Adjust configuration like below:

– If you are using a POP SSL connection, select “POP Protocol” and use port 995.
– If you are using a IMAP SSL connection, select “IMAP Protocol” and use port 993.

6. Click “Done” after adjust configuration

7. To test sending an email from Thunderbird, click the write menu

8. Click “Get Message” to check whether there are new emails or not.

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