Modern Web Client Alternative for Zimbra Open Source Edition

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Hello Everyone. There is good news for all of us who use the Zimbra Open Source Edition. Especially Zimbra 9 OSE (Unofficial) who does not get Modern Web Client 🙂 . A new theme just released for the Zimbra Network Edition or Open Source Edition soon. This theme is compatible starting from the 8.6 up to the latest Zimbra 9. This theme works for Zimbra Classic UI. Below are some screenshots

Zimbra Theme Loading
Zimbra Compose Email
Zimbra Mail Menu
Zimbra Contact Menu
Zimbra Calendar Menu
Zimbra Task Menu
Zimbra upload file to Briefcase
Zimbra Briefcase Menu
Zimbra Preference Menu

Please see this link to apply a new theme: The-new-zextras-theme-for-zimbra-web-interface 🙂

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