How to Install Zimbra 9 Open Source Edition (Unofficial) on Ubuntu

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This guidance is the same as guidance on Ubuntu here. However, I use Zimbra 9 unofficial from Beezim. If you are interested in Zimbra 9 unofficial on CentOS, you can find here. Please note, I am using Ubuntu 18.04 here.

# Preparation
Download and run the script

curl -k > /tmp/
chmod +x /tmp/

The script will ask for the hostname, domain, and IP address that will be used by Zimbra. The following is an example answer

[INFO] : Configuring hostname, /etc/hosts and resolv.conf
Please insert your Hostname. Example mail : mail
Please insert your Domain name. Example :
Please insert your IP Address :

Now, you can install Zimbra. Download, extract, and run script

cd /opt/
wget -c
tar -zxvf zcs-9.0.0_GA_1.UBUNTU18_64.20200416221446.tgz
cd zcs-9.0.0_GA_1.UBUNTU18_64.20200416221446

Type y/Y if asked :

– Do you agree with the terms of the software license agreement? [N] y
– Use Zimbra’s package repository [Y] y

Type y/Y on all packages except zimbra-dnscache and zimbra-imapd. Zimbra-dnscache not selected because I am using Bind for internal DNS and zimbra-imapd still BETA version

Select the packages to install

Install zimbra-ldap [Y] y
Install zimbra-logger [Y] y
Install zimbra-mta [Y] y
Install zimbra-dnscache [Y] N
Install zimbra-snmp [Y] y
Install zimbra-store [Y] y
Install zimbra-apache [Y] y
Install zimbra-spell [Y] y
Install zimbra-memcached [Y] y
Install zimbra-proxy [Y] y
Install zimbra-drive [Y] y
Install zimbra-imapd (BETA - for evaluation only) [N] N
Install zimbra-chat [Y] y
Checking required space for zimbra-core
Checking space for zimbra-store
Checking required packages for zimbra-store
zimbra-store package check complete.


The system will be modified.  Continue? [N] y

Type Y if asked The system will be modified. Continue?

if you get a message like below, press enter or type Yes and change the domain name

DNS ERROR resolving MX for
It is suggested that the domain name have an MX record configured in DNS
Change domain name? [Yes] Yes
Create domain: []

Type 6 and then press key enter to change the password of the admin account. Type again 4 and then press key enter. Insert your password that you want

Main menu

   1) Common Configuration:                                                  
   2) zimbra-ldap:                             Enabled                       
   3) zimbra-logger:                           Enabled                       
   4) zimbra-mta:                              Enabled                       
   5) zimbra-snmp:                             Enabled                       
   6) zimbra-store:                            Enabled                       
        +Create Admin User:                    yes                           
        +Admin user to create:                   
******* +Admin Password                        UNSET                         
        +Anti-virus quarantine user: 
... skip ...                      

Address unconfigured (**) items  (? - help) 6

Store configuration

   1) Status:                                  Enabled                       
   2) Create Admin User:                       yes                           
   3) Admin user to create:                      
** 4) Admin Password                           UNSET                         
   5) Anti-virus quarantine user:    

... skip ...

Select, or 'r' for previous menu [r] 4

Password for (min 6 characters): [9M1CRucQ] v3rysecre7p4ssword

After insert password, Select, or ‘r’ for the previous menu. If all has been configured, apply configuration and wait until Zimbra install finished

*** CONFIGURATION COMPLETE - press 'a' to apply
Select from menu, or press 'a' to apply config (? - help) a
Save configuration data to a file? [Yes] Yes
Save config in file: [/opt/zimbra/config.1450] press key enter
Saving config in /opt/zimbra/config.1450...done.
The system will be modified - continue? [No] Yes
Operations logged to /tmp/zmsetup.20200619-013402.log

Type Yes if asked Notify Zimbra of your installation? and if it has been appeared Configuration complete – press return to exit, your Zimbra installation has been finished. Check Zimbra status with this command su – zimbra -c “zmcontrol status” and make sure all service running well. You can access webmail via browser at URL https://ZimbraServer

You have the option of notifying Zimbra of your installation.
This helps us to track the uptake of the Zimbra Collaboration Server.
The only information that will be transmitted is:
        The VERSION of zcs installed (9.0.0_GA_1_UBUNTU18_64)
        The ADMIN EMAIL ADDRESS created (

Notify Zimbra of your installation? [Yes] Yes

Notification complete

Checking if the NG started running...done.
Setting up zimbra crontab...done.

Moving /tmp/zmsetup.20200619-013402.log to /opt/zimbra/log

Configuration complete - press return to exit 

Congratulations, you have installed Zimbra 9 unofficial on Ubuntu 18.04. Then, you can improve Zimbra anti-spam with some method below. The articles still relevant to Zimbra 9 :

Good luck and hopefully useful 😀


  1. HI there, currently running 8.8.15 how would i upgrade it or what should i take in considerations?

    Thank you

  2. great guide, i was wondering if you have a guide for 2fa? I did see another guides but your guides are way much better and more trustworthy

  3. Hello,
    Zimbra 9 seems to be under licensing (there is a 60 days trial on official synacor website).
    Could you confirm that this version as 8.8.15 is completely free ? Have you a tutorial to completely backup ?

    Thanks in advance. Regards,

  4. Great guide. It’s much better to use your script to setup the DNS than to manually enter all that stuff for the BIND9 server that I had to go through for previous versions.

    Since this is an unofficial version, I guess the updates will be manual instead of going though APT-GET?

  5. Halo Pak Iman,

    Apakah ada resiko jika menggunakan Zimbra Unofficial version, terutama dari segi kestabilan dan security?

    1. Hi pak Kevin,
      Sejauh ini stabil pak. Untuk security dan bug issue tetap menerima update dari Zimbra selama repository Zimbra nya tidak ditutup oleh Zimbra

  6. Hi Pak Iman,

    *** CONFIGURATION COMPLETE – press ‘a’ to apply
    Select from menu, or press ‘a’ to apply config (? – help) a
    Save configuration data to a file? [Yes]
    Save config in file: [/opt/zimbra/config.41546]
    Saving config in /opt/zimbra/config.41546…done.
    The system will be modified – continue? [No] yes
    Operations logged to /tmp/zmsetup.20230726-081321.log
    Setting local config values…done.

    Initializing core config…Setting up CA…done.
    Deploying CA to /opt/zimbra/conf/ca …done.
    Creating SSL zimbra-store certificate…done.
    Creating new zimbra-ldap SSL certificate…done.
    Creating new zimbra-mta SSL certificate…done.
    Installing mailboxd SSL certificates…failed.

    Saya install zimbra di ubuntu 20.04 dan zcs-9.0.0_OSE_UBUNTU20_latest-zextras, kira-kira salah apa ya?

  7. Ijin 2 pertanyaan pak iman
    1. Apakah bisa jika kita restore data backup email dari satu mesin dengan os ubuntu 14.04 dan zimbra 8.8.12 ke mesin lainnya dengan os ubuntu 20.04 dan zimbra 9 ?.
    2. Apakah zimbra (zcs) 9 masih free license (gratis) karena setau saya zimbra versi 10 sudah tidak gratis (harus menggunakan license key) ?. Terima kasih sebelumnya

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