How To Install and Configure Excellent Samba4 Appliance as Active Directory Server Part 1

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This guidance will explain how to install and configure Excellent Samba4 Appliance as Active Directory server. Excellent Samba4 Appliance is Linux that build by Susestudio. Excellent Samba4 Appliance use SUSE Linux Enterprise Server as core system. This appliance have all packages / dependencies required by Samba4. You can install and configure Samba4 directly without confused about dependencies 😉

# Deploy and install

Download Excellent Samba4 Appliance (preload iso) from this link :


You can burn this appliance to cd/dvd and install to physical server (if want to install in physical server). Or you can deploy directly as Virtual Machine


Select Yes on destroying all data to begin install


After install finished, use username root and password excellent

# Configure Network

For easy understanding, this is some information about my system

Domain :
Hostname : Samba4
IP Address :

Type yast lan to configure network. On tab overview, select edit or you can combine alt + i to direct select edit. Adjust the following configuration with your system


Select Next to configure Hostname/DNS. Select tab Hostname/DNS and adjust like the following configuration


Note : Please make sure Name Server 1 is IP Address of your Samba4 server. Move to tab Routing and insert your gateway IP and select OK to finish configuration


After all configuration network has been done, please make sure you can connect to other ip address or internet connection (for downloading Samba4 in the next section)

# Download and compile Samba4

Download Samba4 latest version from this link :, extract, compile and install

cd /opt
wget --no-check-certificate
tar -zxvf samba-latest.tar.gz
cd samba-*
make install

Compile process will take 5 or more minutes. Please wait until done 😉

The next section will be explained in the part 2

Good luck and hopefully useful 😀


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