Zimbra Tips : How To Download Email in Junk Folder

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When using email client and using pop/pop3 protocol for retrieve email, just email in inbox folder to be downloaded. Sometimes, email tagged as spam and enter into junk folder and user could not download email. If email in junk folder is not spam, users could not download it until open and check email using webmail. If users always using email clients, perform this action to download email include in junk folder

– Open webmail via browser | go to Preferences | Mail
– Scroll to the bottom and give checklist on Include Junk folder messages section

# By Command Line (CLI)

su - zimbra
zmprov ma user@imanudin.net zimbraPrefPop3IncludeSpam TRUE

Good luck and hopefully useful 😀


  1. Hi,,
    If you set the per domain, means to set the default COS, you MUST go to edit zimbra Attributes file named: zimbra-attrs.xml @ /opt/zimbra/conf/attrs/ folder. The default is FALSE, change to TRUE. Of course, you must be careful to edit this file.

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