How To Install VMware ESXi Nested Without Using VMware vCenter (vSphere Web Client)

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When installing VMware Nested, i am usually using vSphere Web Client for select Hardware Virtualization support. For using vSphere Web Client, i should deploy VMware vCenter Appliance. VMware vCenter Appliance by default using min RAM 8 GB and 2 vCPU. Whereas i only have 16 GB of RAM on my lab system. If using vCenter, half of RAM on my system will be used by vCenter and the other half of RAM could be used for other VM. For simplicity purpose and not require vCenter if want to install VMware Nested and enabling Hardware Virtualization, you could using vSphere vClient.

Note :

If you want to install VMware Nested, minimum requirement is 4 GB of RAM and 2 vCPU. if does not meet requirement, you will got information like below :


– Create guest VMware VM with minimum 4 GB of RAM and 2 vCPU

– After VM created, select Nested VM | Summary tab | Right click on datastore that used and select Browse Datastore


– Select folder name VMware nested and download VMX file extension. Save the file. Example placed on the Desktop


– Open VMX file using Wordpad application (do not use Notepad)

– Add the following line at the bottom

vhv.enable = "TRUE"

– Save and re-upload VMX file to the VMware nested folder

– Power On VMware Nested VM and doing installation as usually

Good luck and hopefully useful 😀

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