How To Export/Import Signature on Zimbra Mail Server

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After migrating quotas that has been explained on previous article, i am also should be migrated signature from old Zimbra to the new Zimbra. The following is what i do for migrating signature from old to the new Zimbra

Export (on the old Zimbra)

# Create simple script for retrieve information of signature

cd /srv/
mkdir sig

Fill with the following line


mkdir -p /tmp/sig
echo "Retrieve zimbra user name..."

USERS=`su - zimbra -c 'zmprov -l gaa | sort'`;

for ACCOUNT in $USERS; do
sign=`su - zimbra -c "zmprov ga $NAME zimbraPrefMailSignature" > /tmp/sig/$NAME`
sed -i -e "1d" /tmp/sig/$NAME
sed 's/zimbraPrefMailSignature: //g' /tmp/sig/$NAME > sig/$NAME
rm /tmp/sig/$NAME
echo "Export signature for $NAME..."
echo "All signature has been export successfully"

# Save and execute

chmod +x

The all result of above command are files which is saved in /srv/sig folder. Copy sig folder to the new Zimbra

Import (on the new Zimbra)

Assuming sig folder is placed in /srv/ folder. Make the simple script for importing signature who has been exported

cd /srv/

Fill with the following line

for file in /srv/sig/*
StrSign=`cat "$file"`
Acc=`echo $file | cut -d "/" -f5`
su - zimbra -c "zmprov ma $Acc zimbraPrefMailSignature '$StrSign'"
echo "Process import signature $Acc"
echo "Process import signature has been finished"

Note : The signature who has been export/import is only text signature (not include html). Until now, i am have not yet found how to export html signature from Zimbra 😀

Good luck and hopefully useful 😀

Thanks to : Masim “Vavai” Sugianto at


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