14 thoughts on - Tips Export/Import Account+Password cPanel to Zimbra

  • kalau kebalikannya gimana pak?
    saya ingin pindahin mail accont zimbra saya ke cpanel, kira2 langkahnya bagaimana ya?

  • Excellent solution for account migration, thank you for sharing, How did you migrate imap data in this case? without knowing the passwords .

    • Hello,

      There some scenario for migrating email
      – All email should be downloaded via POP3 by users before migrate to the new server
      – Perform backup all data on cPanel and restore on another WHM/cPanel (you should have another WHM/cPanel). Reset all password and migrate use imapsync
      – Reset all password directly and migrate use imapsync

  • This worked like a charm. Thank you very much for saving me and two support engineers from 4 hour of headache! 😀

    Interestingly, official Zimbra Wiki refers to rather cumbersome way of doing it through firebug.

  • Hi iman,

    I’ve tried your tutorial but when I’m trying to log on using the same password as the cpanel isn’t working. I’m using Zimbra version 8.7.2 Collaboration.

    And after this command
    zmprov < /srv/create-account-zimbra.zmp

    The last output is
    usage: modifyAccount(ma) {name@domain|id} [attr1 value1 [attr2 value2…]]

    Could you please help ?

    Thanks anyway.

      • Hello Iman,

        I’ve already solved. Thanks a lot. Now I have another problem if you or anyone here could help me I appreciate it.

        I’m creating another script that will first sync (using imapsync) the content of the mail accounts from Cpanel server to Zimbra Server and then put the old password of the users. I’ve tested and it’s working pretty fine.

        My problem is I need frist save the shadow file, reset all mail accounts passwords to use imapsync (it doesn’t accept crypt passwords), sync all data of the mail and then use your script just this part

        echo “ma $ACC@imanudin.net userPassword ‘{crypt}$PASS'”

        to put back the original passwords of the users. As I said before it works.


        1) Does any way to use imapsync or another to sync all data of users e-mail accounts from Cpanel server to Zimbra Server without reset users’ password ?

        2) How to rollback users passwords in a Cpanel Server? It just replace the new shadow file with the older after reset all passwords or is there another way ?

        Sorry for the long text.