How To Upgrade OpenSUSE 13.1 to OpenSUSE 13.2

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Few day ago, OpenSUSE 13.2 just released. Everyday, i am always using Linux OpenSUSE as primary operating system. Know OpenSUSE 13.2 has been release, i am immediately upgrade my OpenSUSE 13.1. Process upgrading is easy and simple. This is how to upgrade OpenSUSE 13.1 to OpenSUSE 13.2

Make sure all package OpenSUSE 13.1 most recent update

zypper ref
zypper up

Disable all repositories and adding repositories OpenSUSE 13.2

zypper mr -da
zypper ar non-oss-13.2
zypper ar oss-13.2
zypper ar update-13.2
zypper ar update-non-oss-13.2

Update and upgrade OpenSUSE

zypper up
zypper dup

Please wait until upgrade finish. All package needed for upgrade approximately 1,5 GB. This is information my system who has been upgraded. Overall my application working fine after upgraded


Good luck and hopefully useful 😀

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