Mailman Tips : How To Migrate Mailman Mailing List

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I have plan to migrate my old email server Zimbra integration with Mailman from single to multi server. I have been success to integrated Mailman with Zimbra multi server and has been wrote on previous article at here :

Now, i must migrating all mailing list on old email server to new mail server. Because i am using Mailman as engine mailing list server, migrating from old mailing list server to new mailing list server doesn’t really difficult.

The following is steps how to migrate Mailman from old server to new server. Do the following command on old mailing list server

# List

Moving all list

rsync -avz /var/lib/mailman/lists root@new-server:/var/lib/mailman/

# Data

rsync -avz /var/lib/mailman/data root@new-server:/var/lib/mailman/

# Archives

rsync -avz /var/lib/mailman/archives root@new-server:/var/lib/mailman/

# Checking after migrate

Do the following command on new mailing list server

# Regenerate Aliases

Because new mailing list server doesn’t know new database Mailman, do the following command

cd /usr/lib/mailman/bin

# Change Hostname
If you have different access URL new mailing list with old mailing list server (example : from to, do the following command

cd /usr/lib/mailman/bin
./withlist -l -r fix_url -a

After all mailing list has been migrated, please try to sending to one mailing list.

Good luck and hopefully useful 😀

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