Solved : Problem Install ZeXtras Suite 1.9.1 On SUSE Linux Enterprise Server

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ZeXtras 1.9.1 support for Zimbra 8.5.0 has been release. This is good news because usually i am using ZeXtras Chat for chatting. Announce about ZeXtras 1.9.1 can look at the following link I am immediately to download and install ZeXtras on my Zimbra mail server. After download, install zextras with command ./ all and give output error as below : line 381: syntax error in conditional expression: unexpected token `(' line 381: syntax error near `+([' line 381: ` if [[ -n $ZAL_PACKAGE_VALID && $ZAL_PACKAGE_VERSION == +([0-9]).+([0-9]).+([0-9]) && $ZAL_PACKAGE_VARIANT == +([0-9]).+([0-9]).+([0-9]) ]]; then'

Finally, i am ask on ZeXtras Forum and give advice from Trantor for my problem at the following link :
Before execute, open and add the following line at first line or after the initial comments

shopt -s extglob

Save and try to install again. Finally, ZeXtras 1.9.1 can install on my Zimbra mail server

Good luck and hopefully useful 😀

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