Solved : No context on this server matched or handled this request on Zimbra 8.5

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2 days ago, i have been install Zimbra 8.5 on SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 11 SP 3 on VMware Workstation for testing purpose. Today, i am try to power on Zimbra testing VM and get Zimbra webmail not working with error message like this

No context on this server matched or handled this request.
Contexts known to this server are:


i am trying to check the mailbox.log and zmmailboxd.out and get message like this

On zmmailboxd.out

2014-09-08 22:21:07.927:INFO:oejsh.ContextHandler:main: Started o.e.j.w.WebAppContext@45afc369{/zimlet,[file:/opt/zimbra/jetty-distribution-9.1.5.v20140505/webapps/zimlet/, file:/opt/zimbra/zimlets-deployed/],AVAILABLE}{/zimlet}

On mailbox.log

2014-09-08 22:19:43,191 WARN  [Thread-12] [] ConfigurationFactory - No configuration found. Configuring ehcache from ehcache-failsafe.xml  found in the classpath: jar:file:/opt/zimbra/jetty-distribution-9.1.5.v20140505/webapps/service/WEB-INF/lib/ehcache-core-2.5.1.jar!/ehcache-failsafe.xml

i am also check status on Zimbra and all service running well

zimbra@mail:~> zmcontrol status
        amavis                  Running
        cbpolicyd               Running
        ldap                    Running
        mailbox                 Running
        mta                     Running
        stats                   Running
        zmconfigd               Running

Hmm, i am confused about what happened and all Zimbra service running well. I just restart the Zimbra service, but still problem. When the check restart zimbra process, i am found stoping service information like this

Stopping zimlet webapp...Done.
        Stopping zimbraAdmin webapp...Done.
        Stopping zimbra webapp...Done.
        Stopping service webapp...Done.

Oalaaa, i know what problem. Zimbra 8.5 have different service from the previously. They have additional services such as zimbraAdmin, service, zimbra and zimlet. Finally, i am trying to enable those service with the following command

zmprov -l ms `zmhostname` +zimbraServiceEnabled service
zmprov -l ms `zmhostname` +zimbraServiceEnabled zimbra
zmprov -l ms `zmhostname` +zimbraServiceEnabled zimbraAdmin
zmprov -l ms `zmhostname` +zimbraServiceEnabled zimlet
zmcontrol restart

Hooray, my Zimbra server working fine and Zimbra webmail can access again 😀 . I hope to help anyone who has the same problem.

Good luck and hopefully useful 😀


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